Here you can find answers for most asked questions by our clients.

Q. What type of remodels do you do?

A. We do everything from a small bathroom remodelling up to an entire home. Our designers have the expertise in designing bathrooms, kitchens, master suits, second story additions and other.

Q. What will be the cost of my project?

A. In reality, all projects are all so different. We will strive to provide you an extensive break down of the project, so you will have a clear picture of the pricing of your project. We avoid inaccurate ballpark estimates. We will carefully analyze your project thus avoiding costly overruns later on.

Q. In what style do you specialize?

A. We don’t discriminate or specialize in one particular style. Our goal is to make each project succeed in the manner that best suits that particular home and, most importantly, the taste of the homeowner.

Q. What’s the difference between hiring an architect for my remodel and a design/build firm?

A. Not only we have the same capabilities as an architect, we also do employ our in house architect. At A-Star we simply combine these resources along with a contractors and financier. By handling every stage of your project, we manage to cut costs, save time and minimize the miscommunication between different parties.

Q. Where do you do your work? Which zip codes?

A. We actually cover the entire Los Angeles County. We have done projects as north as Santa Barbara and as South as San Diego. Our Showroom is located in Sun Valley California.

Q. Do you do or provide interior design?

A. We certainly do. As a matter of fact we have our in-house interior designer that will help you choose all accents and materials for your project and home.

Q. How much is your design fee?

A. Our architectural drawings are state of the art drawings of your project and we do not do them for free. The exact cost of your drawings will be determined by the size and the scope of the project.

Q. Do you carry worker’s comp? And are all your workers licensed and bonded?

A. We do certainly carry worker’s compensation. We are bonded and insured. Information can be provided upon request.

Q. Do you have a License?

A. Yes we have. Our License number is 747708

Q. How do I get started?

A. Please call the office or simply schedule a complimentary no obligation meeting with one of our designers at our showroom or at your home.

Office phone number is: 818.252.5850